How i make over #270,000 monthly designing graphics.


How i make 5 figures monthly designing graphics

So here is the goood news!

What if i reveal to you how to design graphics,logos with your smartphone and also teach you how to market the skill to companies,businesses,individuals and make money nothing less than #3000 per design? I mean you would start making right away from the comfort of your room with your smartphone for a job that won’t take more than 10 minute of your time and boom! #3000 in your account.

Okay, now imagine with the tactics i’d be teaching you to get more clients to design graphics for. That tactics get me at least 3 people to design for daily. Thats #9000 daily. and #270,000 monthly. haha , just for designing something simple on my smartphone. Sometimes I even get more than 3 request daily.

Lmao, Are you suprised? (continue reading to understand)

First of all,I’d like to congratulate you on finding your way here. I’m not here to crack up stories for you or tell you anything that will bore you. In fact, i don’t even need to ask if you are interested in making money online or not. So i’m just going straight to the purpose of coming here.

Before i go further, Let me introduce myself properly. My name is OLATUNBOSUN JOSHUA popularly known as JOSHSPOT. The owner of JOSHSPOT TV and a blog .

You must have heard of me before now but incase you haven’t. At least you’ve known now. You can easily type my name on google to know more about myself.

Let me quickly tell you some of the business I do online

  • I’m into blogging
  • I design webistes
  • I’m a graphic designer (I design graphics and logos for companies,businesses and individuals)
  • I’m a social media marketer (I advertise for people through my platforms)
  • ……and other stuffs that brings money

I work full time online for a living. I am a student of the University of Ilorin. Let me just stop here. You can call me to know more about me 08150652241.

I don’t give people fish, I’ll rather teach them how to catch Fish.

I found out that a lot of people in Nigeria doesn’t know how powerful the Internet is as a means of livelihood.

The general mentality especially here in Nigeria is that one can only make money online through the popular so called yahoo-yahoo. My dear,wake up! Internet have grown beyond scam. I’m proud to announce to you that thousands of Nigerians are making decent and legitimate income online every month.

I am a Living Proof of That

In fact, i have started making money since i was 17, Nobody taught me anything. I sit down with my phone then,explore the internet,search google, Watch youtube tutorials and many educating websites and I am proud of myself today .

But the Money making aspect of this is not what gives me Joy

What gives me joy the most is the financial status of those God has used me to change their lives.


Every week ,i teach people different skills and they set up their own successful business online.

I never hurry to teach people . I do a lot of research,findnew methods and apply them and when i’m good with it. I tell people about it.

And this is what i’m doing right now. Yes! I am here to show you how i make a sustainable income online creating graphics and logos for people. This is popularly known as GRAPHICS DESIGNING.

When it comes to doing business online,one of the easiest and lucrative methods is through GRAPHICS DESIGNING. This us because it requires no much time,no website, and just little skills which yo will grab in few minutes..

So What is Graphics Design?