Get a website at an affordable rate and drive more sales to your business

I’m absolutely sure that you are tired and sick of having low or no sales on your business (no matter what kind of business it is)

Well, many businesses were once in your shoe before they got exposed and came across ME via some advert channel like you just did. And today they can’t thank me enough because they have made thousands of dollars with the way the website created is helping them drive more sales

Quick one, let me introduce myself, I’m VICTOR JOSHUA (popularly known as JOSHSPOT). I’m a blogger and a web designer. I started my web design career when I was 17 and till now, no backing off because it has connected me and I have helped many lives through it which I’m still doing.

I and my team work together to create any type of website you want with any features you’d desire at an affordable price

I don’t only create a website for you but I expose you to tricks to drive more sales to your website. That’s like a bonus I give out on every website I create.

I have created many website which I will be mentioning few of them and you can have a look.

  1. Hair product website ( (N25,000)

2. Course selling website ( (N40, 000)

3. Social media website ( (N40,000)

4. Investment website ( (N25,000)

5. Earning websites ( (N27, 000)

and more….

How much do we create website?

Yeah, this a very important question that must have ran through your mind while reading this article,. The amount we create website depends on the type of customization(features) you want your website to have.

If you check the few of our works listed above, I added the amount I created each at the front, that’s to show working with us is affordable.

I will set up any kind of website you want within 48-72hrs,your website will be ready and live to be launched.

And our extra prize as a reward for creating a website with us is a pdf that contains secret on how to drive sales to your website. The pdf has helped most of our clients and I trust you wouldn’t want to miss out..

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