– Open letter to the EFCC

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I will be teaching few people how I make N5k to N10k daily. Join my whatsapp group, click here wrote an open letter to EFCC Nigeria on its aim to eradicate poverty in Nigeria. 

Below is the transcript:-

Tam Omotade-Sparks Amos Sewanu an indigene of Badagry, Lagos State, Founder of iBSmartify(InksNation). I am proud to announce that we have built a Nigeria-To-The-World Blockchain(iBLedger) which can end poverty in any country in 6-9 months, and we will be competing withFacebook’s Libra, Telegram’s TON & Gram, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger and other blockchainsin the world. We are starting with iBNaira for Nigeria as the first foundational token beforemoving to any other country, so we need all round support without interference in the process.The powerful thing about this charitable-blockchain is that1. IBNaira can generate a minimum of $847 Billion Dollars for the Nigerian Government.2. IBNaira can end poverty in Nigeria in 6-9 Months paying every single citizen includingbabies born everyday a minimum sum of N120,000 Monthly. And lots moreThis is important because disruption is coming to the world and it is better we give the worldour own version of disruption than waiting for it to sweep us unawares like Facebook Librawould have done. Also by the year 2025 artificial intelligence would have taken away 80% of jobsincreasing the number of unemployed Nigerians.. When the likes of Albert Einstein wereinventing, our forefathers were living in slavery, Blockchain gives us (Africans) an opportunity tocompete with the world afresh.The Poverty Eradication And Smart Urbanisation Scheme through iBNaira will begin fully on the12th of November which is my birthday and I know that it will attract large flow of cash, so inorder to balance the equation I am using this letter to answer all the questions you might wantto ask beforehand. This is to make sure everything works out smoothly, and I do not think itwould be wise to start a Made in Nigerian project of this magnitude outside Nigeria.Press Release on Business Hallmark explains more website is and you can reach me on 081-0427-7484 or +1-647-493-6439.I have also applied for SCUML with the name “iBSmartify” and awaiting the SCUML Certificate.

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