Blog9ja is a pure scam!!! Do not invest

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Blog9ja is a pure scam! Don’t invest in it!

People are actually getting paid but sooner or later, it will soon crash.
Be wise, If you land here by search or whatever and you have not invested yet! A big Congratulations goes to you dear!
I don’t just come to a conclusion without a befitting reasons . Below are the reasons why blog9ja is a pure scam:

1. They archived their FACEBOOK group .That denotes what?
We We just need to be sensitive.

2. They at indirectly forcing people to bring referrals as a criteria for withdrawal. Lets see NNU,  they made it clear for everyone that you need need a minimum of two referral before withdrawing every month and they are making it. But blog9ja they are making use of point which is equal to referrals

3. They are not well organised, their Is no how you can contact them, on facebook they dont reply, on whatsapp they don’t reply and the freaking phone number they put on their blog its always switched off!  So tell me how you expect that platdorm to last long.

****more reasons loading***


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