President Muhammadu Buhari has said that his

predecessors only completed few projects.
The President said grand corruption characterised past
administrations and denied Nigeria the opportunities of
experiencing “infrastructure revolution.”
He said some people made away with billions of dollars on
fraudulent oil deals and bogus military contracts.
The President said this in an opinion he wrote, which was
published by NewsWeek on Monday to coincide with his
official visits to Washington DC, USA.

Buhari said, “In fact, very few major infrastructure projects
were completed in Nigeria in the years leading to my
inauguration as President , a period during which the country
enjoyed its highest crude oil prices in recent history.
“The grand corruption of our recent past, which saw tens of
billions of dollars frittered away on fraudulent oil deals and
bogus military contracts, put paid to all opportunities for an
infrastructure revolution.

“Now we have seized the chance to do things better: We
have cleaned up falsified civil service payrolls and
commenced the prosecution of payroll impostors–saving
taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars annually.
“We set up a whistle – blower policy aimed at deterring
corrupt practices in government and we are committed to
the Open Government Partnership.
“In January this year, Nigeria was elected to the Partnership
’s Steering Committee.”

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