An Indian dad has reportedly offered his daughter to
his friends as gift but joins them in taking turns to
rape her.

This is according to a report by The Sun UK, which stated that
the sexual assault lasted for a period of 18 hours.
The father, who is in his 50s had introduced the lady, 35 years
old, to a pal in Kamlapur while attending a fair.
She was successfully convinced to embark on a trip with the
duo to the residence of one other company in the Indian city
of Lucklow.
At this location, the trio reportedly took turns to rape the
victim who soon managed to escape to her mother’s house.
The dad who was earlier arrested in February 2018, was
granted bail, confirms police rep, Sureshrao Kulkarni.

Man addicted to porn rapes mum deeply asleep
The police in Patan, India , have apprehended a man, Rohan ,
alleged to have raped » his mother, 46, while she was
According to The Sun UK News , the suspect, who is
reportedly 22 years old, has an addiction to watching porn on
his mobile device.
It was gathered that her husband and eldest son encouraged
her to file a report at a police station following the shocking

The incident was confirmed by S M Rabari , a police inspector
who said, “Rohan has been arrested. We have also sent the
accused and the woman for medical examination.”
Authorities in India have kept the true identity of the suspect
under wrap in order to protect the image of his mum.
He was however was charged for rape as stipulated under
Section 376 and 504 of the Indian Penal Code .

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